HELLOO!! my name is Gigi or Gin!! my friends say that i am understanding, easygoing & helpful. i always love to meet new people i suck at dms though sorry but i like to interact more outside of dms so be my friendd<3

art: 1 2 3

i am saki tenma + chloe collins & gou matsuoka :]

your least
favorite exfj ♪

kins/ids dni sorry


currently hfed on mcyt & splatoon

other int. pjsekai sk8 psychology twst mhyk blue period toh amphibia

i also like to edit (that’s a lie).. you can find my edits on #googisucks :9

i <3 ace trappola we love each other dearly

Also i really love leo/need & nero turner (mhyk)

+ i’m an enjoyer of quackity ranboo & sapnap [smiles]

there are more but you can figure out the rest yourself...



Byf & Dni..

BYF please tag car accidents (mentions or videos) & suicide

sometimes i tend to deactivate without no notice & sb w/o warning

DNI IF basic dni, won’t interact, identity policer, your jokes mainly consist of suibaiting, kin/high cc ace trappola or anyone in leo/need, kin me or dislike any of my friends

i also won’t accept if you fall in any of my friends’ discomforts

My Friends!

53BOYS! saif nano rome ajax luca

the people above are very important every single one of them means a lot to me and i love them very much! if you have anything against ANY of them please stay very far away from me

also i consider my mutuals my friends too <3 squishes all of you



thank u nano for the hampter i loveit



Angel Wing Heart